How to defrost Chicken: Easy and quick tips

There are many ways to defrost chicken, but they are not known to everyone, it is not that they are kept locked up like a state secret, but they are not exactly taught as a standard of cooking. You never pick up a cook book and the first thing they teach you is how to defrost chicken – they only really ever tell you to buy fresh food and to only cool fresh ingredients. They never take into consideration that occasionally you will go to your local supermarket and see a great special on whole chickens and buy a few so that you do not have to pay full price.

The quickest way to defrost chicken is by putting it in the microwave, it averages between five and ten minutes, but you have to watch it all the time. Never let your chicken get to the point of semi-cooked else your food will not have a great texture and flavour. The next most effective way to defrost chicken is using a bowl of cold water (do not give into temptation and use hot water else you will encourage the growth of bacteria) this can take between fifteen and thirty minutes. Use a plastic bag and fully submerge the chicken in the bowl. These methods are recommended when using small to medium sized pieces of chicken, if you are defrosting a large piece such as an entire chicken it is recommended to defrost it in the refrigerator and this can take up to a day or two.

Once you defrost your chicken make sure that you cook it immediately and never refreeze chicken once it has been defrosted, only refreeze it once it has been cooked, this is a much safer method. Once chicken is cooked all the harmful bacteria is killed.

Keeping people at arm’s length

Social distance can be describedas how different people perceive the distance between people in a community, this talks about the social class difference and is not to be confused with actual measurable distance. The notion of social difference includes all aspects such as social class, race or sexuality, but also the fact that the different groups do not mix, even though they are living in similar environments (this can be localised to a school or neighbourhood). The term is often applied in cities, but its use is not limited to that.


The sociology professor Bogaradus once developed the concept of social distance he used this to measure the degree of closeness or acceptance most people felt toward other groups. People tend to live in close quarters in a city or an urban environment, social distance can be seen as a negative of this and people will generally distance themselves from people of a different class to themselves. This social distance creates comfort in daily life for these people.

To conclude Social Distance is something all nations and countries need to work on, people need to be able to live in a world where the rich are not scared of the poor and the poor are not envious of the rich entirely. Of course there are going to be times where either thing happens, but it should be the job of most people to ensure that the social distance between the classes is decreased.Social distance is something we live with every day and it is something people have to deal with, from walking on the streets and interacting with people that most see as lower to them, to a friendship group splitting up due to the fact that they are all different in terms of upbringing.